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Prescription Eyeglasses

Can you really order prescription glasses online? Yes, you can—and we make it easy to do at Andrewjefferis. All you need is your most recent lens prescription from your optometrist and a little help from us entering the information written on your prescription. That’s it! Plus, you can take your time choosing your prescription glasses frames by browsing our catalogue in the comfort of your home.

We offer hundreds of glasses for men, women, and kids. We can't promise you'll be able to pick just one pair, but with prices as low as ours, you shop guilt-free. Browse our entire catalog or use our filter options to narrow your search by price, color, style, or shape. Make a list of your favorite frames and compare them easily by selecting “My Favorites” in the top right corner of our homepage. Browse around and see what you think.
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Kenneth Cole New York 60mm KC7028 69Z Sunglasses Shiny Bordeaux - 189386
DKNY DY5616 1004 Glasses Matte 50mm Black - 234808
Adidas 80mm A189 Tycane Pro L Polarized 6051 Sunglasses Matte Black Lab Lime - 228513
Cazal 9029 002 59mm Sunglasses Black Silver/Smoke - 254519
Max Mara MM DETAIL II 59mm CJD/HA Sunglasses Brown - 253764
49mm Yves Saint Laurent BOLD 2 K7M/Y1 Sunglasses Transparent Brown - 228128
Police VK012V 0700 45mm Glasses Shiny Black - 174656
Polaroid P8353 Polarized 33W/Y2 Sunglasses 50mm Shiny Red - 252471
Web WE 5100 053 Glasses Blonde 53mm Havana - 236270
Balenciaga 51mm BAL 0024 807 Glasses Black - 94322
61mm Burberry BE4102 30098G Sunglasses Blue - 97732
CK 5377 200 Glasses 52mm Espresso Brown - 233045
52mm Diva 5344 225E Glasses Navy Gold Blue - 258007
Silhouette 7661 6051 45mm50mm Glasses Daily Business - 185098
Lozza SL 2211 58mm 568V Sunglasses Shiny Gunmetal Grey - 246638
136mm Bolle Vortex 11823 Sunglasses Red - 200732
Lozza 53mm VL4042 0T91 Glasses Shiny Orange - 257689
Cazal 59mm 9025 003 Sunglasses Brown Gold Tortoise - 254518
Missoni MI 292 02 Glasses 53mm Havana - 258529
Versace 56mm VE2149 132573 Sunglasses Matte Brass - 198972
Spy HIELO Black - Grey 56mm Polarized Sunglasses Shiny Black - 48833
62mm Serengeti Velino 7468 Sunglasses Satin Black - 103014
Escada 54mm VES728 300 Glasses - 76415
SmartBuy Collection Milan 50mm A171 D Glasses Grey - 225937
CK 5779 001 53mm Glasses Black - 233065
Glamour GLAM 54mm 87 XYU Glasses Blue Grey - 150055
Police 54mm SK528 For Kids 579B Sunglasses Shiny Palladium - 182708
Lozza 55mm SL 4000M Polarized 722P Sunglasses Shiny Dark Havana - 246650
58mm60mm Tom Ford FT0377 Polarized 09D Sunglasses Ruthenium Black - 257388
Cazal 627 80 Glasses 59mm Havana - 233035