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cr healthcare held its first nursing skills competition

time:2021-04-30 【 】

in order to implement the "14th five-year plan" and 2021 business plan of cr healthcare, and promoted the three-year action plan for the construction of patient service system (2021-2023). from april 21 to 22, cr healthcare held the first nursing skills competition in fushun mining bureau general hospital to commemorate the 110th "5.12" international nurses day, showing the good mental outlook and professional demeanor of china resources health nursing team.

a total of 21 nursing elites from liaoning, jiangxi, guangzhou and guangxi of cr healthcare participated in this competition. the competition is divided into theory competition and skill competition (adult single cardiopulmonary resuscitation technology, closed intravenous infusion technology). the score of theory competition accounts for 40% of the total score, and the score of skill competition accounts for 60% of the total score. the ranking is based on the total score of theory competition and skill competition. in order to ensure the fairness, justice and openness of the competition, the theory test followed by the unit before the test, and the skill test will implement the principle of the judges avoiding the competitors of the region and the unit. the contestants will decide the order according to the draw number before the three competitions, and the whole competition carried out under the supervision of the discipline inspection personnel.

after fierce competition, guan wei from benxi iron and steel general hospital won the first place with a total score of 94.45 (champion), wu haiyang from fushun mining bureau general hospital won the second place with a total score of 93.5 (second place), and hai xiaonan from fuxin mining general hospital won the third place with a total score of 92.55 (third place). 4-10 winners won the title of technical pacesetter, 11-21 winners won the title of technical expert.

the race set up a platform for the study and communication for the nursing staff, built learning, and strong technical thick atmosphere, show the cr healthcare workers 's positive spirit, masterly nursing skills and trained clinical practice ability, and played a positive role in promoting professional technology level of cr healthcare.

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