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huantai county people's hospital
found in 1948,huantai county people's hospital a class iii general hospital,which is integrated with medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, first-aid and community service. it is non-subordinated affiliated hospital of qilu medical university and practical teaching hospital of binzhou medical is one of the key county hospitals contacted by the national health and family planning 2012,it cooperated with qilu hospital to set up shandong university qutu hospital huantai branch.
the hospital has nearly 100 departments and professional treatment.urology and respiratory medicine are the clinical key specialty of zibo,acupuncture and moxibustion are the key chinese medicine specialist of zibo,cardiology and neurology are the city clinical 2011, the hospital cooperated with dr. wan xiaopeng, a chinese american doctor, to set up a minimally invasive urologic clinic in april 2015, the hospital passed the on-site assessment of the  class iii hospital of the provincial planning commission,and in july,it had been announced to be a grade b class iii hospital and issued a certificate of grade and a 2015,relying on provincial hospital urinary minimally invasive center,it set up  huitai urinary minimally invasive center,which had made "follow the natural channel, noninvasive surgery" a reality.the hospital opened remote consultation with fuwai hospital, 301 hospital, beijing tongren hospital, qilu hospital and shandong provincial successfully launched the national pathology clinic center platform and southern medical university huayin pathological diagnosis center the same time,it cooperated with beijing tongren hospital to implement free cataract surgery among the city.
the hospital has a construction area of 100,000 square meters, with 1,179 open beds. it has 1,173 employees, including 96 senior health professionals and technical personnel, 396 mid-level health professionals and technical personnel,124 doctoral and postgraduate students, 6 famous doctors and academic leaders at city level and county level.the hospital is equipped with basic facilities,such as central air conditioning, the center to attract, the center of oxygen, logistics and transport streamline standard operating room purification, intensive care and etc..the hospital is also equipped with many high-end medical equipments,such as dual-source ct, 1.5t magnetic resonance, 64-slice spiral ct, dr molybdenum target, c-arm, large flat dr, aloka α-10 ultrasound and etc..
hospital lan established systems,such as his,lis,pacs,oa, electronic medical records, electronic signatures, physical examination, numbness,blood transfusion management,electronic medical records management, appointment and etc..the hospital is equipped with the "bank medical link"self-service system and medical "card" service system, which covers the entire medical treatment,incluing registration,treatment,payment,inspection,treatment and present, the pocket smart medical system is undergoing commissioning.which is built on the internet .when it putting into operation, a modern large-scale hospital with digitalization and information technology will be displayed in front of the world and will bring great convenience to the majority of patients.
guided by the scientific concept of development, adhered to the development concept of "pioneering and innovative, active and safe, seeking truth from facts" and the work style of "strict management, strict inspection and strict implementation", the hospital focuses on quality and promoting service,and has successively won many honorary titles,such as provincial-level civilized units,fuminxinglu labor awards, the provincial health system advanced unit, the city three-star hospital and many other honorary,the hospital has formed a  core cultural system of "benevolence and morality, honest and benefiting the people,dedicated,elegant environment,advanced equipment, coordinated operation, technical skill, courteous service and harmony between doctor and patient", and has truly established the brand image of the doctor.
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