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industrial chain advantage
medical informatization, a crucial support of the group strategy and part of cr healthcare’s core competitiveness, is guided by management innovation, process reconstruction and resource sharing, and is driven by the internal and external alliance and cooperation to accelerate its development, so as to constantly enhance the capacity building, establish the first-class team, solutions and services, and boost the business development.
currently, cr healthcare’s digital hospital business system and core solutions have taken shape, forming a complete set of knowledge assets including the system, configuration template and implementation methodology, etc., supplemented by the post-investment methods for hospital information construction and management with cr healthcare medical characteristics, which is conducive to rapid replication and promotion. on such a basis, cr healthcare is actively building an integrated information system covering the whole businesses of the group, so as to achieve the integration of medical group through finance and business integration, vertical application and centralized sharing with the digital hospital as the cornerstone, the headquarters’ control as the principle and information integration as the context.
best practices
  • digital hospital
  • group operation
kunming children's hospital has achieved remarkable outcome in the construction of the demonstrative digital hospital; it focused on the sorting and reform of hospital business process, promoting the hospital’s business development with the “patient-centered” digital hospital solutions.
  • realized “free registration”, served the patients with multiple reservation channels, streamlined the medical treatment process from 16 to nine links, reduced the overall treatment time and improved effective time rate, and enhanced patient experience
  • eliminated four queues (registration, infusion, payment, medicine-taking), shortened the time spent by patients at the hospital
  • streamlined system operation mode and templatized cases improved the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment, “returning the time to the doctor and reserve the doctor for the patient"
  • realized paperless electronic medical records through the digital signature of medical staff, ensuring the integrity and continuity of patient case information, and reduced the hospital operating costs
  • changed the mode of "immovable information ", realized “movable information” through the comprehensive integration of information system and process, maximally reduced the mobility of patients at hospital
  • introduced the unified management mode of hospital beds and broke department barriers with information of beds open to patients;
  • opened the hospital resource management system and hospital business information system;
  • achieved fine quality management and improved medical quality through the level 3 quality control of electronic medical records
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